Privacy Policy

At Arykaa, we respect your concerns about privacy and security while surfing and shopping on our website. We take all the efforts to assure you that misusing the information is against our standards. We respect the privacy of every visitor on our website and are committed to the same.

Our standards are to ensure - 

1) Comfortness browsing our websites

2) Secured feeling for submitting your information

3) Easy access to contact us to know more about the privacy shopping with us

4) Be informed that using our website, you consent us to collect certain information

How shall I update the information of my account?

The process of updating the account information is easy and quick. Just login with your credentials and go to My Account. Search and go to Update Profile. Please be assured that we never save your credit or debit card details in your account.

What information is collected by Arykaa?

We do not save any information related to your credit card, debit card in your account. We only save the billing address, delivery address, email address, and contact number while placing an order.

Why do we save your information?

Your privacy is our concern, and we are committed to maintaining the same. Shopping at Arykaa, we will request a few inputs and collect information like full name, email address, billing address, delivery address, mobile number, preferred payment mode, payment details, and the password. We would ask for information during the registration process or while placing an order. This information will help us to serve you better.

We do not share your information with any company for marketing or mailing activities.

Your privacy is valued, and the information shared while placing an order is never shared with anyone. Instead, we use the information only to process and dispatch the order as per instructions. Selling, renting, or sharing email addresses has never been our income source to any third-party company.

In order to personalize your shopping experience with us, we drop a 'Cookies' to track. 'Cookies' is a small code that is placed in your browser which stores information. 'Cookies' are not harmful to your computer and do not contain private or personal information.

Be updated with our privacy policy by simply checking this page periodically.